Universities of Buenos Aires

You want to study abroad a semester or complete a career? Or are you from Argentina and don’t know which university you should choose?

In this blog we are going to present best universities of Buenos Aires and some tips of which institutes are good for studying Advertising.


The biggest university of Buenos Aires is UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

It exists since 1821 and at the 14 faculties there are numerous careers. In connection with the UBA there are 6 hospitals, 10 museums and two high schools, the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires and the Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini. Although it is such a large university, there is no a central campus as the faculties are spread all over the city.

Plans to build a campus were never really completed due to lack of money.

The 14 faculties cover the areas of Agronomy, Architecture, Design and Urban Planning, Economy, Natural and Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. In addition, you can study Biochemistry and Pharmacy, Philosophy, Medicine, Engineering, Dentistry and Psychology. Some of the buildings aren’t in a good condition – always depending on the faculty. For example, while the law school is very well equipped and located in a very classy building in a central location in Recoleta, the Social Science faculty is distributed among different neighborhoods and its buildings are in a very poor condition. Nevertheless, the UBA is recommended for a semester abroad. Many universities offer exchange programs, so the stay is made easy because you don’t have to worry about economical or location problems, because the university takes the organization.


Where to study Advertising

This is the main state University in Buenos Aires. The university system in Argentina has also many private universities. There are 46 National Universities (for example, others in Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Cordoba) and 46 private. Furthermore you have the choice between 7 University Institutes (eg, Instituto Universitario de la Policia), 12 private Academic Institutes, as well as a university in the province.

The most important private universities are the Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy, Universidad de Belgrano, UCA (Universidad Católica Argentina), Universidad del Salvador (USAL), Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) and Universidad de Palermo ( UP). All these universities are a very good place to start studying in Buenos Aires.

A very popular course is «Publicidad» (Advertising). If you are interested in it, you have the opportunity to study at several universities and institutes. The Universidad de Palermo is the best and offers this career in combination with working with any communication media, that means, radio, television, video and Internet, blogs, interactive games and networks. There are two possibilities for a degree, the first lasts three years and you have to participate at 30 courses: then you are «Analista Universitario de Comunicación Publicitaria“. After this you have the option to study one year more and to visit 10 more courses for getting the degree of «Licenciatura en Publicidad».

Also the UCES (Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales) is a good address to obtain the «Licenciatura en Publicidad». The study program also takes 4 years.

Another possibility is to choose the education at the Instituto Superior de Publicidad. The training lasts three years and the final title is recognized as well. The courses are, among other things, for example a little introducting to Advertising, Aesthetics, Communication Strategy, a creative advertising and audiovisual production and digital design.


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