A walk across «Caminito»

Approx. 100 meters long is the pedestrian area. It’s very nice to do a walk there. This street has been becoming very late into a touristic nicer area. In the early 19th Century there was a small river. When it dried up later, a railway line was built on the site. This is also possible to see today.  It was closed in the middle of the 20th Century when a lot of houses were built with sheet metal scrapped ships. A long time the area was an eyesore. For this reason, the artist Benito Quinquela painted the houses colorfully. A few years later, therefore it was called Calle Museo (Museum Street).

Caminito is a tourist attraction and the cultural center. There such a lot of artist markets. There are selled art, souvenirs and photo collages of La Boca. The Caminito is also immortalized in a tango that carries that name. The song was composed by Juan de Dios Filiberto in 1926, Gabino Coria Peñaloza wrote the text.

Near the Caminito is located the stadium «La Bombonera» of the famous football club «Boca Juniors». Both attractions are important components of a tour in Buenos Aires. The colors of the club are yellow and blue. They were chosen because the club has just been founded when a Swedish ship passed. The flag is also blue and yellow. Both attractions are located in the district of La Boca. This is at the east of Buenos Aires. Nearly 47,000 people live there. It is located where the Riachuelo River empties into the Rio de la Plata.

There is also a theater at «La Ribera» and many tango halls. After doing these activities in Buenos Aires, to go for a walk in Caminito and going to visit the stadium, the hunger can be stilled in one of the Italian restaurants.

It´s obvious the Italian influence, as the district was built by immigrants from Italy at the end of the 19th Century.

To go for a walk in Buenos Aires and to sniff a bit of «country air» it’s recommendable to go to the «Parque Tres de Febrero». This park is also known as «Bosques de Palermo».

The name also suggests immediately that it is located in the Palermo district. In this park there are groves, lakes and a garden of roses. It’s like a spell to go into it.

After a few meters the noises of the streets seems to be disappeared and the hectic of the city is forgotten. It is an ideal place of rest and relaxation.

Therefore many use it for sporting activities such as jogging or inline skating. Some of the lakes can be visited on a pedal boat.

There you can also access to the zoo, the Botanicla Garden and the Japanese Garden, too. Those who like sports can go to the Campo Argentino de Polo and to the Hipódromo Argentino.

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