Cooking courses in Buenos Aires

When you think about the Argentine cuisine, it’s inevitably to consider a steak and, perhaps, “empanadas”, very tasty pies. And these are available with various fillings, and on every street corner you can buy them with chicken, ground beef, cheese and ham or, as a vegetarian option, with a spinach-cheese filling.

Of course there are also other fillings. It is also difficult at first to understand the many different types of steaks, such as “bife de lomo”, “bife de chorizo”, “vacío”, “asado” and so on.

Cooking courses in Buenos Aires
Cooking courses in Buenos Aires

The solution: Just try all of it or visit a cooking course in Argentina.

Many well know cooking chefs of the television have their own schools. There, you will learn how to prepare a starter, a main dish and a dessert.

The best cooking courses (and probably the most extensive selection) in Buenos Aires can be found in the school of Gato Dumas. Besides the careers which can be completed there and the professional courses, they also offer courses for foreigners. To become familiar with the typical Argentine cuisine, you can attend a cooking course for the preparation of meat. How to combine meat, sauce and side dish? How to decorate a plate? These are just a few questions to be resolved in such a course. In the meat course you prepare, for example: steaks, lamb stew, pork loin, chicken and much more – always in combination with the sides dishes and sauces, which are a good combination. This course has duration of 4 sessions of 2.5 hours. You can find the cooking school in Olazábal 2836. In each course you will cook complete menus.

There are also offer modern Argentine cuisine courses. What about them? Moderns cuisine consists, for example, in a steak with herb butter, sautéed lentils with vinegar and shallots and cooked raspberries or stuffed squid with sausage, mushrooms and asparagus and topped with blue cheese or as a dessert bread pudding with apples and saffron with praline of bitter chocolate and “dulce de leche” sauce.

If you like to learn how to prepare the famous “empanadas” you can visit the course called: “Tartas, Pizza and Empanandas”. These two courses are laid out on a total of 10 hours, each of them with duration of four sessions of 2.5 hours. Other cooking courses that are offered here are, for example, vegetarian cuisine, Italian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.

Learning to Cook in Buenos Aires
Learning to Cook in Buenos Aires

Another recommendable place where they also offer a course for preparing “empanadas” is the IPAC (Instrucción Pastelería Alta Cocina), which is on Salta 354 St. The courses here are usually paid after a month, which includes 8 sessions, but it’s also possible to pay for four sessions, that cost around $200 (ARG). In addition there are offers for cooking courses where you learn the basics of cooking or how to cook pasta, sauces and sushi.

If you bring a little more time, about 6 weeks of holiday here, a good place for a cooking course is the “Centro de Estudios Culinarios” of Ariel Rodriguez Palacios, another well-known cooking chef. There are courses once a week of 3 hours. Here you can learn the basics of cooking and, for example, how to prepare a meal for a party with friends and family. Its is located on Sarmiento 854 St.

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  1. Will Liney

    I want to try out this cooking course. The once a week for 3 hours cooking course??

    • Facundo

      If you want to try that course you should contact directly to: Centro de Estudios Culinarios, that’s the one with the 3 hours courses.



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