How to be orientated in Buenos Aires

Cabildo de Buenos Aires

Travelling across Buenos Aires City is, at first, impossible. How to do it? But, with the following tips and tools it is quite easy to find your way in the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires follows a block structure. Every block has 100 house numbers. For simplicity, in Buenos Aires the distances are counted in […]

Universities of Buenos Aires

Universidad de Buenos Aires

You want to study abroad a semester or complete a career? Or are you from Argentina and don’t know which university you should choose? In this blog we are going to present best universities of Buenos Aires and some tips of which institutes are good for studying Advertising. The biggest university of Buenos Aires is […]

Touristic activities in Buenos Aires

Actividades turísticas para hacer en Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is varied and there are many things to explore. To get a little idea of this huge city, it is advisable to make a city tour. The bus travel across the most important places of Buenos Aires. That means, the 9 de Julio Av., a 20-lane wide road that is often referred as […]

Where to sleep at Buenos Aires?

Actividades en Buenos Aires

The trip to Argentina is prepared, the bags are nearly packed and now there is just one question left: where to sleep in Buenos Aires and which are the most secure quarters in? And… for a tourist the best places are Palermo and Recoleta. Palermo is divided into four different parts: Palermo Chico, Palermo Viejo, […]

Activities in Buenos Aires in August 2011

Exposicion en La Rural

Is winter in August in Argentina. That means there are also even colder days. Winter here has not to be compared with, for example, the European one. The average temperature during the cold months of July and August is about 11 ° C. Therefore, it lends itself to visit events in the warmth. There are […]

Argentine Hippodrome

Carreras de caballos

Horse racing is popular since a long time. To be precise, it belongs to the oldest sport in the humanity and mainly serves the purpose of breeding selection. But there is one thing which it became too: a popular leisure activity. There are certainly several reasons for this sport to be regarded: the sound of […]

Argentinean Mate

Cómo preparar un buen mate argentino

And enjoy it with friends Very often you can see in the streets of Argentina or in shops, people with a rounded vessel and a tube in it. They drink mate. Mate is an infusion and could be compared best with tea. In South America it is very common. The leaves are called “yerba”. They […]

Important advices to avoid a theft in Buenos Aires

Some tips to be secure at the heart of the city Buenos Aires is considered as an unsafe city and many people associate it with thefts. The truth is that this can happen, as in any big city. But with the right tips, you can at least try to avoid one. Especially in tourist zones […]

Theatre courses in Buenos Aires

Centro Cultural San Martín

Some suggestions to play at the city Once to climb the boards, which means the world, is probably the dream of every child. To make this a little bit reality, you can take theatre courses in Buenos Aires – also in many other cities-, but in this blog the Argentine capital is in the focus. […]